Manure and Soil Health

Manure applicator on a field

Manure and Soil Health Roundtables

The Soil Health Nexus held four soil health and manure virtual roundtable discussions in 2017 featuring subject-matter experts, farmers, consultants, and producer-led groups sharing research, trends and experiences. The presentations focused on Manure and Soil Health TestingManure and Soil BiologyManure and Soil Erosion, Runoff and Losses; and Manure and Cover Crops.

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Screenshot of Using Manure to Improve Soil Health Webinar

Webinar: Using Manure to Improve Soil Health

This webinar looks at current practical research in South Dakota and Michigan related to manure use as it relates to soil health. This presentation was originally broadcast on March 1, 2019 on the Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Community Webinar Series.

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2019 Waste to Worth Manure and Soil Health Proceedings

Waste to Worth brings together the nation’s best science on animal agriculture and the environment. Presentations and their respective proceeding papers include innovative research and outreach and focus on several areas related to soil health.

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Snapshot of the Manure Land Applications Report

Manure Land Application and Soil Health Indicators

This report and data-brief summarizes the effects of manure on soil health characteristics by correlating data on soil health related variables and manure land application details connected under the Missouri Cover Crop Cost-Share Program.

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Snapshot of Synthesis of Biosolids Applications Report

Synthesis of studies reporting soil quality metrics under agricultural and municipal biosolid applications

This report and data-brief summarizes and interprets short and long-term studies on the effect of manure and municipal biosolds on soil properties.

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Snapshot of Winter Manure Application Report

Winter Manure Application: Management Practices and Environmental Impact

This report and data-brief summarizes the state-of-the-literature on on winter manure application with regard to existing contaminants of concern, case studies, existing best management practices, state level policy, and the efficacy of present management systems.

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Screenshot of the Winter Manure Application Research Needs and Future Needs Report

Winter Manure Application: Research needs, future direction and literature review

As a supplement to the winter manure report and data-brief researchers created a document summarizing relevant winter manure studies and a report summarizing research needs and the future direction of winter manure science.

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