Soil Health Toolbox

The Soil Health Nexus team is dedicated to increasing regional access to soil health research, knowledge, extension, and resources. This webpage serves as a hub for research-based soil health resources throughout the region.

Check back often, as we continue to build out our resources!

Digital Cafe Webinar Series

The Digital Cafe Webinars are a series of informal soil health webinars discussing the latest soil health research, resources, and news. The series is being archived and is available here.

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Soil health close up

Soil Health 101

Soil Health is defined as the suite of biological, chemical, and physical properties and which enable soils to function as a vital living ecosystem that sustains all life above and underneath the soil surface.

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Soil Properties

There are three types of soil properties: physical, chemical and biological.

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Carbon Credits and Carbon Agreements

This page provides key educator resources on carbon credits and carbon agreements so you can be as informed as possible when advising your stakeholders.

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Soil Health Demonstration and Assessment Videos

Learn how to conduct various soil health demonstrations and in-field assessments.

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A man testing soil in a field with water in a beaker

On-Farm Research for Soil Health

Learn more about on-farm research for soil health, from hosting to implementing, sharing results and involving citizen scientists.

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Combine harvesting a field

Manure and Soil Health

Explore the latest research on the relationship between manure, soil health, and water.

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Examining Soil Health Perceptions

This data-brief shares the results of the Soil Health Nexus team’s recent study of soil health perceptions.  The survey works to identify barriers to adoption, characterize resource needs, and examine how different audiences define soil health.

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The North Central Region Water Network supports regional soil health capacity building through its Impact 2020 initiative. The Network is made up of a 12-state collaboration between Extension water resource professionals and university, federal, state, NGO and industry partners.

Soil Health Entities by State

Find University, Extension and USDA NRCS soil health resources by state.

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photo of Wisconsin fields and running water

Soil Health and Water Quality Webinar

This edition of The Current featured the latest research from across the region on the connection between cover crops, tile drainage and tillage timing on nutrient and sediment runoff.

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