The North Central Region Soil Health Nexus is a university-led team dedicated to increasing access to research-based soil health knowledge, extension and resources.

The team was created in 2015 with funding from the North Central Region Water Network.  The team is structured around research, extension and outreach, and resources and communications with representatives from all 12 North Central Region states.

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Soil Health Digital Cafe Series

The Soil Health Nexus is hosting a series of informal soil health webinars featuring Extension soil health experts and researchers from across the region discussing the latest soil health research, resources, and news. The webinars will take place weekly starting Wednesday, April 29 at 2pm CT. They will be an hour in length with 20-minute presentation, followed by 10-minutes of Q&A and then a casual 30-minute Digital Cafe where attendees can continue to discuss the topic in more depth with Soil Health Nexus members.

Exploring how farmers’ perceptions of soil health affect their management decisions (preliminary data and future plans)
June 3, 2020 at 2 pm CT

Despite widespread interest in soil health among farmers, adoption of soil health practices is low. This project seeks to describe how farmers’ understanding of soil health, or mental models, influence their management decisions and can inform agricultural advisors’ outreach and training activities. This webinar will feature Tayler Ulbrich, a student of Michigan State University.
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Cover Crop/Soil Health On-Farm Research Partnership Between UNL and NRCS
June 10, 2020 at 2 pm CT

This webinar will explain the development of the On-Farm Research Partnership between the NRCS and the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network and how it is used to collect production and soil data from NRCS Soil Health Demonstration Sites across Nebraska. This webinar will feature Gary Lesoing from Nebraska Extension.
After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Gaining Ground-Soil as a Renewable Resource

As part of the Soil Health Nexus Digital Cafe Series, Rick Cruse from the Iowa Water Center presents “Gaining Ground-Soil as a Renewable Resource”. This presentation was originally broadcast on May 20, 2020. Can the health of a degraded soil be regenerated? We use the term ‘regenerative agriculture,’ but what does it mean and does science suggest degraded soils can realistically be brought back to original productivity levels? And if it can, how long will it take?