The North Central Region Soil Health Nexus is a university-led team dedicated to increasing access to research-based soil health knowledge, extension and resources.

The team was created in 2015 with funding from the North Central Region Water Network.  The team is structured around research, extension and outreach, and resources and communications with representatives from all 12 North Central Region states.

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Soil Health Digital Cafe Series

The Soil Health Nexus is hosting a series of informal soil health webinars featuring Extension soil health experts and researchers from across the region discussing the latest soil health research, resources, and news. The webinars will take place monthly; they will be an hour in length with 20-minute presentation, followed by 10-minutes of Q&A and then a casual 30-minute Digital Cafe where attendees can continue to discuss the topic in more depth with Soil Health Nexus members.

Just-in-Time Soil Health – December 16 @ 2 pm Central
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There is a lot of focus on soil organic matter levels, but what if the flow of carbon through the soil is just as important for soil health? What if this flow is more important? Building and maintaining soil organic matter levels can be a long, slow process. Similarly, maintaining large warehouse inventory is expensive. In manufacturing, a cost-cutting concept called just-in-time production allows smaller inventory levels and has been widely adopted. Could the same concept be applied to soil management for just-in-time soil health? Our next Digital Cafe will feature Dr. Andrew McGuire of Washington State University.


Communication Workshop: Engage in Better Information Exchange

Join a full-day, virtual workshop to learn how to improve communication skills from some of the best in the business. You won’t see a single pre-recorded presentation, but instead engage in a live-hosted event with Tim Hammerich, Senior Director of Strategic Communications with Cogent Consulting and Communications, and Dr. Abbey Wick, Extension Soil Health Specialist at North Dakota State University. Discussion panels and presentations will be delivered “live” using tools to engage attendees, such as chat boxes and Turning Point.