Interactive Map-Based Learning Experiences for Manure and Soil Health

As part of the Soil Health Nexus Digital Cafe Series, Rick Koelsch and Leslie Johnson with Nebraska Extension, presents “Interactive Map-Based Learning Experiences for Manure and Soil Health”. This presentation was originally broadcast on June 24, 2020.

Cropland can benefit from manure by improving soil health and fertility and increasing yield. But which fields benefit the most? And what challenges come with manure use? The University of Nebraska and University of Minnesota have partnered to develop an interactive experience for small groups to identify preferred manure application sites based upon soil health and other factors. A group of farmers gather around a large table top map and place their happy and sad faced emojis on crop fields based upon facilitated activities and discussion of benefits and barriers presented by individual situations. One outcome is an understanding of soil health measures that might be reviewed when selected a site for manure.

Main Presentation

Soil Health Worksheet

Map for Activity

Soil Health Information Cards

Feedback and Questions from the Audience


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