Exploring nine years of the Wisconsin’s Producer Led Watershed Program and the new Soil Health program

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP)’s Producer-Led Watershed program began in 2016 with 14 farmer-led groups and has grown to 47 groups around the state with the all of the groups focusing on soil health in addition to watershed management. This growth in the interest in soil health by Producer-Led groups has led DATCP and the County Conservation Departments to focus on soil health as well. The new Soil Health Program and the online Soil Health Training is DATCPs start to build support for both the Producer-Led groups and the County Land Conservation Departments that DATCP serves. In this Digital Café, Randy Zogbaum, Soil Health Specialist for DATCP, discusses Wisconsin’s growing Producer-Led Watershed program and DATCP’s soil health programming. This webinar was originally broadcasted May 15, 2024.

Watch the recording:

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