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How to Interrogate a Soil

This Soil Health Digital Café features Tony Hartshorn, Associate Professor at Montana State University, who discusses his work in the Soil Interrogation Lab at Montana State University, soil literacy, soil remediation, and the importance of knowing your parent material. This presentation was originally broadcast on Wednesday, August 17, 2022.


Quantifying Soil Health: Where are we now?

As part of the Soil Health Nexus Digital Cafe Series, Dr. Jordon Wade, who is an Assistant Professor of Soil Health at the University of Missouri and the Director of the Soil Health Assessment Center presents “Quantifying Soil Health: Where are we now?”. This presentation was originally broadcast on January 19, 2022.

Reliably measuring soil health is essential for determining appropriate management strategies. Current frameworks for interpreting soil health indicators can be difficult to operationalize. How can we use soil health indicators to inform on-farm management? This talk is a check-in on our current frameworks and how reliable they are (or aren’t) in making management decisions.